Sometimes we as a human being who lives in this crowded world might get lost in the middle of nowhere.

LOST in my case means when you can not find your way home. The world becomes so scary when they can make people forget who they are, what they want, and what make them in the position they are in now.
As a simple example, myself usually forget what i want to do next while i am doing something.
Moreover, lets start from the position people are in now, they might not realize the reason why they are doing what they are doing. For instance study, i know everyone need education to get better future.

BUT the problem is what they are studying about. Lots of my friends even my self confused when people ask us, why do u guys choose this subjects?! and we answer "i dont know", "my parents ask me to do so", "follow friends", and so forth. GUYS wake up! it is your life, you have power and duty of care better than others !!!
However, as you don't know why u doing something, u might forget who you are which is not good. hahaha. well, too bad it happens to me! :(
It puts lot of question in my head "what do i want?" "do i able to do it"??? sighhh*

Well basically, i just want to share with people, or only my self?! hahha.
get LOST is not wrong, it is not abnormal but normal. cos this world is too big, too crowded, and sometimes too hard! but dont worry.
what do you need is GOD as your leader, motivation, keep focus, be smart, and enjoy ! :)
god bless !!!


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